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You’re amazing at what you do.
You know it and we know it. But does your audience?

Let's move the conversation from crickets to, "Take my money!!!"

Pardon the fuzzy video - this is actual footage from a mastermind call.

The Move to CEO

Imagine the impact you will make when you learn to

print money instead of beg for it...

That happens when you have a strategy, systems and support.

Discouraged. Overwhelmed. Lost in the to-do's.

👇Can you relate?👇

  • You have a mission and message to share but it's hard to do when you're living paycheck to paycheck

  • You know you need help, but your coach, GOOGLE, keeps leading you on wild goose chases

  • You can't figure out what's not working let alone how to fix it

  • You want to create freedom and be your own boss, but it feels like a pipe dream right now

This was us. But it doesn't have to be you.

Awesome is possible. Period.

  • Create consistent cash flow with an on-demand system to attract and convert clients

  • Know exactly what to do and how to do it without spending hours down rabbit holes

  • Fast track your results by leveraging the power of connection and collaboration

  • Get the tools you need with the support you want in a system designed specifically for your business

  • Take back your time (and even take a vacation just because you can)

So what exactly is this "awesomeness" we speak of?

In our mastermind, here's the awesomeness you'll experience...

Press the Easy Button and get the help you need when you need it.


Get help with your tech ?'s and more so you don't waste time guessing or Googling

Work with clients
you actually like and
ditch the scary ones.


Attract + convert dream clients on-demand even when your sleeping

Get your hair done at noon
on a Wednesday...

because you can.


Build out the core systems and automations you'll need to do more with less time

Which means you'll:

Hit your goals faster

Know exactly what to focus on first

Have confidence to run your business like a CEO

Make decisions without second guessing yourself

Walk away with a custom strategy for your business

All while getting coaching and community support.

By the time we're done you'll...

🧠 Think like a CEO + hit your goals faster

🗺️ Make moves with confidence and have a strategy to back it up

💰 Have your funnels built out and ready to run

😎 Walk away with business besties you can turn to

Marketing your business doesn't have to be hard

and you don’t have to do it alone!

The fact is you weren’t born a CEO, but you can become one. Every successful CEO has a strategy, systems and support - but most entrepreneurs try to do it alone.

The Move to CEO is a place where you can collaborate with others, know exactly what to do to grow your business, and get coaching support without having to get a second mortgage.

We’ve spent years honing our signature approach of strategies, systems and support for entrepreneurs just like you. We’ll help you move your business forward without wasting any more time or money to get there.

Plus, you’ll experience how fun building a business can be.

About Your Coaches


At Move To CEO, Jesus is the ultimate CEO. With this as their foundation, Kai and Tessa coach businesses with faith-driven wisdom. Their mission: to empower businesses to leave a profound impact on families, communities, and nations, all under the leadership of Jesus.

Fun Fact

Kai + Tessa met at a virtual mastermind pre-pandemic and became business besties. Eventually, their friendship, shared vision and faith led them to start the Move to CEO.

Peek behind-the-scenes to see what it looks like to work with us. 👇

Tessa Ashford

Tessa is a marketing strategist with almost three decades of industry experience. She's been crafting websites and landing pages since their "early days", ahead of the curve. Tessa's expertise has been honed while working with prestigious firms like the Steelsmith Group and IdeaPros, revered for their guidance by marketers and entrepreneurs alike. She is passionate about connecting people, problem solving and helping others win. When not immersed in funnel creation or tech conundrums, Tessa unwinds by camping, fishing, playing with her 5 dogs or enlightening young minds at bible school.

Kai Alday

Kai is a seasoned business coach and strategist with a background in executive coaching for law practices, startups, and notable organizations such as Water.org. She has a background in course design for brands like Mirasee and The Narrative Department. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family Kai understands the sacrifice entrepreneurs make to build a legacy. Her aim is to guide them toward success without compromising their faith or family. Every weekday you’ll find Kai in the Prayer Room interceding on behalf of those she serves and loves and on the weekends hiking with her husband and 3 kids.

Every NO and every nudge this way and that was a redirection. Every pivot turned me into an expert, but none of that was because I planned it that way. Every rejection, failed attempt, canceled contract was God teaching me what I didn’t know I needed to learn.

The biggest lessons I’ve learned this year:

✅ you DON’T have to work HARDER

✅ fear is a liar

✅ business besties are a must!

✅ If it’s not good, God’s just not done with it yet

Fun fact: Tessa + I built our business partnership after meeting in a virtual mastermind. That was almost 3 years ago. I hope you have someone you can do business with - mentor, friend, business partner - just someone who can challenge you and walk with you.

The biggest lessons I’ve learned this year:

✅ you DON’T have to work HARDER

✅ fear is a liar

✅ business besties are a must!

✅ If it’s not good, God’s just not done with it yet

It's not about "paying your dues",

it's about aligning your moves.


A mastermind with everything you need


Per Month
or save $200 on 6 months!

This Includes:

  • Personalized Strategic Roadmap

  • Monthly Masterminds

  • Coaching & Accountability with Kai

    (2x mo)

  • Tech Troubleshooting with Tessa
    (2 x mo)

  • Weekly Office Hours

  • Quarterly Networking Parties

  • Quarterly Trainings & Workshops

  • Templates & Tools

  • Community Access


What Client's Are Saying

MOve from DIY to CEO

The Move to CEO

Make great money. Do great work. Have a great time

It’s always the right time to make things happen. Join us and ditch the duct-tape strategy once and for all.

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About This Mastermind

We all want a safe space and we all need some real talk and that’s exactly what you’ll get with us. We believe in cheerleading and prayer served with a loving and healthy pour of “get your butt moving”. If you are all about making moves in your business while sharing laughs and supporting others, we’d love you to join us as a founding member.

We are only offering a limited number of Founding Member seats at the lowest price they’ll ever be. This is an unpretentious, welcoming space AND we are here to watch you grow into your best self, live your fullest life and dream bigger than you ever dared before. That’s the kinda space you’ll be walking into. That’s the kinda space you’ll be helping to cultivate.

If this sounds like the community you want to build and be a part of, all while receiving high-level support at a price that will still leave you with funds for a girls' night out, you’ve just found it.

Lock in your rates... before they go up.

More months to be added soon including topics like:

  • Automation

  • Creating your Offer Funnel

  • Business Model Build Out

  • Pricing for profit

  • And Many More...

If you stick with us, you’ll finally have:

  • People you can confide in and grow with

  • Accountability - get things done in the most efficient way

  • The tools to sort through the personal head trash and rewrite the narrative in your head

  • Resources and insight that you need at your fingertips

  • A business model that supports the life you’ve always wanted

  • The confidence that you’ve created a machine that makes money without the madness

  • Strategies to prioritize the moves that create impact and flow

  • Access to expert coaches and a supportive community that want to see you hit your goals

It's time for more money, less struggle.

You weren’t meant to do this alone…so don't.

Join The Move to CEO; build the business you imagined and the life you're meant for.

Got Q’s? We’ve got A’s

This IS for you if:

  • You are ready to be productive rather than busy. - You want a space to grow and the structure to make it happen.
  • You’re looking to have a community of supportive women who understand your drive, passion and relentless pursuit of a better future.
  • You believe there’s space for everyone to shine and are genuinely happy for others when they succeed.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You’re looking for a quick fix or overnight success.
  • You aren’t coachable aka you have all the right answers, think people are just dumb because they haven’t purchased your product yet or think that the problems you have aren’t solvable.

When you join The Move to CEO you are charged the day you sign up. If you chose the monthly payment option, then you will be charged on a monthly basis on the same day each month going forward for the duration of the program. Example: If you join on May 10th, all subsequent monthly charges will be on the 10th of the following months of your subscription.

The Move to CEO is designed to be a year-round program. To see results, we recommned a minimum of 6 months. Like any good breakup, we'd like some advanced notice (30 days) to see if we can keep the relationship going, but we won't force you to hang out with us. We understand how difficult the path of entrepreneurship can be and only ask that you are as committed as we are to your success. If your first instinct is to quit, this probably isn't the program for you right now. Everyone's journey is different and we are rooting for you to win no matter whether your journey is with us or leads you somewhere else. God bless!